Lauren sits down with Greg Phelps at the Wealth Summit.

In this session, she goes deep into 401k land — covering everything you need to know about:

  • Maxing out your savings (and how to get there)
  • Keeping more of your money (hint: it has to do with the fees you pay!)
  • Proper asset allocation
  • And a few more pro tips along the way…

Ready to build your financial freedom with your 401k?

Financial planner and advisor, Lauren Zangardi Haynes, CIMA®, CFP®, CEPA works with business owners and leaders in Richmond and Williamsburg, VA. She also works virtually with clients nationwide.

As a fiduciary, she offers comprehensive Fee-Only financial planning and investment advisory services so you can live your dreams with confidence.


Lauren Zangardi Haynes

Fiduciary, Fee-Only CIMA®, CFP®, CEPA

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