At Spark, it’s all about you.

Many families and small businesses lack the support needed to secure their financial future as they build wealth. At Spark we provide expert planning and guidance so you feel confident in your decisions, maximize your money, and live the lifestyle you want.

Our promises to you:

 Fiduciary Advisor

Unlike many financial advisors, we are a fiduciary to you, meaning we’re legally bound to put your interests ahead of our own at all times.


We are fee-only, meaning you won’t be surprised with hidden commissions down the road.


Community Focused

We offer guidance to those interested in being socially and environmentally conscious when investing.

Meet Lauren Zangardi Haynes – Founder

Certified Financial Planner™
Certified Investment Management Analyst™

Certified Exit Planner

The more your income and wealth grows the more complex money can become. The last thing you want is to waste time and have confusion around your financial plan.  I got into finance over 17 years ago because I believe people should have clarity on how they can confidently prepare for the future while living their best lives now.  

While I started my career focused on helping high net worth families invest their money, I know that the real value we provide clients comes from having a plan in place to handle life’s ups and downs. That’s why I launched Spark Financial Advisors in 2018, to blend the power of financial planning with research-based investment strategies. When I’m not nerding out over financial planning articles you’ll find me baking, gardening, and traveling. 


S. Alexis Grason, CFP, RICP

Meet Alexis Grason – Senior Financial Advisor

Certified Financial Planner™
Retirement Income Certified Professional®

Money can be stressful and messy especially when you throw the natural twists and turns of life into the equation. My 18 years in the industry has taught me there is power in creating a welcoming environment, so we can untangle the topic and simplify things together.

Women face unique challenges when it comes to seasons of life, family dynamics, earning potential, and longevity. I enjoy working with strong, resilient women who work hard, play hard, and have saved (or are working to save!) substantial wealth. These women want to feel heard, understood, and appreciated. They want to be part of the process of planning their future; these women need and want more than just investment advice.

When I’m not helping clients build abundant lives, I enjoy spending time with my family and two rescue pups. Reading a good book with a cup of tea is at the top of my list, too!



Emily Hernandez – Operations Analyst

Virginia Commonwealth University, B.S. Finance

Knowing that we take the overwhelming stress that money brings off our clients’ shoulders motivates me. I got into finance thinking it would help me with my own money-management skills. Not only has it done that, but it’s helped me analyze the things I place the most value on in life. When I’m not working or studying I enjoy shopping locally and have a passion for interior design.

Everyone deserves financial guidance to live their best life.

We help you make financial decisions with confidence.

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