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How to Fund a Buy-Sell Agreement

When exploring how to sell your business to a new owner you have probably come across the concept of a Buy Sell Agreement.  Or perhaps you want to preserve the value of a business you've poured your heart into to protect your family and loved ones should something...

The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA

  photo by Andrea Piacquadio via Rachel is a high earning soloprenuer.  While she’s already contributing the maximum to her pre-tax 401(k) plan, she still has a substantial amount that she would like to put towards her retirement but she makes too much...

The American Rescue Plan: small business owner edition

Photo credit: fauxels via Pexels At Spark we know your time is precious. That’s why we’ve written a condensed version of our larger article on the American Rescue Plan Act just for business owners. We’ve included the pieces of information that may apply specifically...

The American Rescue Plan

Photo credit: Laura Stanley via Pexels The American Rescue Plan was signed into law last week, and you may be wondering what provisions apply to you. We will be covering the third round of stimulus checks, the Child Tax Credit, Dependent Care FSAs, a change to...

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