How to Fund a Buy-Sell Agreement

When exploring how to sell your business to a new owner you have probably come across the concept of a Buy Sell Agreement.  Or perhaps you want to preserve the value of a business you’ve poured your heart into to protect your family and loved ones should...

Phantom Stock Plan Taxation for Privately Held Business Executives

As an executive at a closely held or private business, you know just how profitable and valuable a private business can be. You may want to join the ownership ranks of that business but have met resistance in becoming a formal shareholder or the firm may simply be too...

What You Need to Know: 2021 Democratic Tax Proposal

The 2021 Democratic tax proposal that just came out of the House Ways and Means committee has a number of surprises in it but mostly sticks to a theme “tax high income earners and the uber-wealthy.” While the proposal is not law, there are some planning issues you...

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