You spent years working towards your dream career. Now it’s time to make the most of your earnings and make up for lost time with tax-savvy saving and investing. Tame your student loan debt and get a handle on your cash flow.

Maximize your time by outsourcing your complicated financial picture and get help fast-tracking your financial freedom from a fiduciary financial planner. 

  • Building a life you love
  • Tax aware planning and investing
  • Student loan analysis
  • Assess public student loan eligibility
  • Balancing cash flow, savings and debt repayment
  • Large purchase planning
  • Coordination of employee benefit plans between VCU and VCU Health
  • Asset protection and estate planning analysis

For your convenience:

We know you work crazy hours. Spark offers virtual engagements for your convenience.

Financial plans that give you:

1: Clarity

2: Confidence

3: Strategy

4: Accountability

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