Finding your best Path

Use your strong income to balance a customized investment plan with debt repayment

You put your life on hold to work towards your dream career. Now it’s time to make the most of your earnings and make up for lost time with tax-savvy saving and investing. Tame your student loan debt and get a handle on your cash flow.

Maximize your time by outsourcing your complicated financial picture and get help fast-tracking your financial freedom from a fiduciary financial planner. 

  • Building a life you love
  • Tax aware planning and investing
  • Student loan analysis
  • Assess public student loan eligibility
  • Disability insurance analysis
  • Life insurance policy review (we do not sell insurance)
  • Balancing cash flow, savings and debt repayment
  • Large purchase planning
  • Coordination of employee benefit plans between VCU and VCU Health
  • Asset protection and estate planning analysis

For your convenience:

We know you work crazy hours. That’s why Spark offers evening and early morning calls or video conferences.

Saturday morning meetings are also available.

Financial plans that give you:

1: Clarity

2: Confidence

3: Strategy

4: Accountability

Want to maximize your VCU Health Retirement Plans?

Get the free guide:

Decode Your Retirement Plan.

VCUHS: Decode Your Retirement Plan

Maximize your opportunity to build financial indepdendence. Get your free guide just for VCU Health Systems employees. 

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